What’s happiness all about?

We all want to be happy. Or that’s what we say to ourselves.

The thing is, most of the times we actually don’t. Because there’s a good thing happening when we are being miserable.

We connect with other people who are feeling miserable. And by being around each other, we can put our egos to compete on who’s the most unhappy of all.

The truth is, it’s just a way to make us feel important and understood.

But it doesn’t help us feel happy.

Happiness is a daily decision, that no matter what apparently “wrong” things are going on in my life, I’m still here.

And if I’m alive, I can enjoy the sun, the air, the sky, a cup of tea, a friends hug, a smile… no matter what is happening, I can decide to see the good things in my life. 

So, the next time you feel miserable, decide what are you going to do. Are you going to get sympathy from others and nurture your ego? Or are you going to focus on the good small things in your life?

You decide.


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