The best Accessory

El mejor accesorio es tu sonrisa

When she was a kid, she was incredibly happy.

She didn’t have a perfect life, but she enjoyed every moment and focused only on the good that happened every day. The smile was always on her face, and people enjoyed her company.

In her youth, things were not that good anymore. Someone convinced her that, perhaps, she wasn’t good enough in what she did or good enough to be loved, and started to felt fearful of being alone, not having a family or being successful. She worked very hard to please others with smiles, working to meet their expectations (something that never worked on the long road), and somehow she got what she wanted… or at least that’s what she thought.

She smiled again.

Years later, her fears became true. And tragic things started to happen. Her smile disappeared from her face.

She changed her smiles (fake ones, by then) for grins full of bitterness, anger, rage, worry, hopelessness, and those expressions became usual for her. After a few months, her face was an eternal grin that nobody liked, and didn’t help at all. But she was not aware of that. She isolated herself, and people stopped looking for her.

One day, looking at the mirror, she finally discovered the grin in her face. And conclude that she wouldn’t want to be around a person with that exact expression in her face. That woke her up, finally.

She realise that no matter what happened, the events in our lives will come, no matter what expression we show in our face. A smile or a grin are irrelevant in our growth. But when we choose to put a smile on our face, our attitude with others and the circumstances, change. They become better. 

This is a real story.

It talks about someone who one good day decided she will be happy, no matter the circumstance. Someone who smiles looks around for happiness in everything that surround her. And she’s happy. Because, the thing is, a smile is something you decide to put on, just as much as a dress or a particular pair of shoes. And it is always a great accessory to enhance your outfit. It will make you sparkle and shine among others. 

This could be your story

autoretrato 1

About the author:

Rocío Caballero. Teacher of Mental Practice and Metaphysics. She teaches about awakening your real conscious about yourself, helping people live better lifes through courses, workshops and conferences.  


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